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California Oversize load, Oversize load signs in California

California Oversize Loads

Elite California Oversize Load Company. California oversize loads are loads that require additional permitting for transporting. California oversize loads can require permits for weight if they exceed 40,000lbs. They can require a permit for width if they exceed 8.6 feet. And they can require pool cars if the height exceeds 13 feet. If the width of the unit exceeds 12 feet, in addition to permits, escorts may also be required.

California Oversize load truck, Oversize load permits in California

California oversize loads can also consist of multiple permits and/or escorts if the load exceeds more than one of these restrictions for a legal load. It is illegal for permitted loads to be transported in the state of California without having the proper permits issued by the California Department of Transportation. California oversize loads are subject to random checks by the Department of Transportation at any time during transport. These inspections require the transport company to show copies of their insurance, the permits for the load, and also the logbooks for the driver. If there are any issues with the paperwork for the transport, then the load can be impounded by the Department of Transportation until all the necessary paperwork is completed or corrected. California oversize loads require a company that knows what they are doing and can guarantee you that they will complete all the necessary paperwork for your load before transporting.

Oversize Load Signs in California

In California, when loads that are considered oversized are being transported, the California Department of Transportation requires that the truck and the trailer both display proper signage that clearly identifies the load as being oversized. Oversize load signs in California are not optional but are required by law. If your truck and trailer do not have the proper signage during transport, the driver can be ticketed for not operating legally during an oversized transport. Oversized load signs in California are often a mesh sign that is displayed on the front of the truck itself and also on the back of the trailer.

There also may be some additional flags that may be on the back of the trailer. The signs often just say “Oversized Load.” Keep in mind that the requirement of these signs is not just a requirement because the load is oversized, but it is also a safety protocol that is in place for the good of other drivers that are on the road. Oversize load signs in California are the most basic and simplest way to safely display to oncoming traffic and traffic that is following behind the trailer that the load that is being transported is oversized.


California Oversize Load Trucks

California Oversize load, Oversize transport regulations in CaliforniaCalifornia oversize load trucks are trucks that are used with specialized trailers to transport oversized equipment in the state of California. It is important to understand that when transporting oversized equipment, most of the equipment is heavy and bulky. This requires a truck that is strong enough to move heavy equipment. California oversize load trucks are specially designed to not only handle this heavy and bulky equipment but it is also equipped to maneuver the demanding terrain of California.

This is important because as you go further north in the state of California, you will encounter mountains that can be difficult to climb if you do not have the proper truck with the required power to climb the mountains. We use specialized California oversize load trucks when transporting heavy equipment in California. We also use these same California oversize load trucks when we are transporting heavy loads in and out of the state. It is important to make sure that we have the proper truck and trailers to satisfy the requirements of the heavy haul job. No matter what the job requires we will always show up with the California oversize load trucks to tackle the job in a safe and appropriate way.

Oversize Load Permits in California

Oversize load signs in California, California Oversize load truckOversize load permits in California are permits that are required by the California Department of Transportation when transporting equipment that exceeds what is considered the normal specifications of a transport load. The first type of permit is width permitting. These permits are the most common. Anytime you are transporting a piece of equipment and the width of the equipment exceeds 8.6 feet, the state of California requires that you apply for a width permit before transporting it.

If a piece of equipment is wider than 12 feet, then in addition to the width permit, it will be required to have escorts as well. Another permit type is a weight permit. If a piece of equipment exceeds 40,000lbs, it is required to be transported on a special trailer that can accommodate the weight and it must also have a weight permit for the weight that exceeds 40,000lbs. If a piece of equipment is taller than 13 feet, it will require a specific route survey and pole cars for transportation to make sure that the route can accommodate a piece of equipment with that height. Anytime a piece of equipment requires a permit for transport, that equipment must be transported by itself.

Oversize Transport Regulations in California

Oversize transport regulations in California are pretty much in line with the regulations in other states. However, oversize transport regulations in California can present some challenges simply because of the layout of the state of California. Although California is the 3rd largest state in the United States, the roadways are very old. They too are feeling the strain of an antiquated roadway system. California has one basic interstate that travels from the northern part of the state to the southern part.

Oversize load permits in California, Oversize transport regulations in California

If you are not traveling along this main route, the transport can be very difficult. The oversize transport regulations will have a greater effect on transports that are off the main highway. Some of these roads will take you into cities with narrow roads or tightly winding roadways. Then there is the opposite extreme where you will find yourself climbing thousands of feet up steep mountains while trying to maneuver yet more narrow roadways. Oversize transport regulations in California will at times limit what roadways can be accessed during oversized transports.


California Oversize Load. We will do all the Oversize load permits in California that you need to move your machinery without any problem.

What is an oversize load?

An oversized load is any load that requires permits for transport. This can be a permit for length, width, height, or weight. These loads will also require specialized trailers for transport. Permits will be issued by the state in which you will travel during the transport.

Can you pass an oversize load?

In some instances, oversized loads can be passed. You have to take into consideration the actual size of the load and the highway type you are passing on. In either case, you have to obey the passing laws of the highway that you are on. You can never pass an oversized load in a no-passing zone.

How do you get an oversized load permit?

Oversized load permits are issued by the Department of Transportation for each individual state. In most cases, these permits can be obtained by completing a request online and making payment. The permits are usually issued via email.

Is it legal to pass an oversize load?

Yes, it is legal to pass an oversized load as long as you are passing the road legally and safely. You have to obey the traffic laws and the passing laws of the road that you are on. You cannot pass an oversized load in an illegal act.

Is it legal to pass an oversize load?

A Heavy Haul can be passed legally under certain circumstances. These circumstances include the actual width of the load, the type of highway that is being used for the transport and at the discretion of the escorts if they are being used.

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