California Shipping Container Movers

California Shipping Container Movers

California Shipping Container Movers

When moving any size container to or from California, call a company based in the area with dedicated drivers. We can handle 20, 40, or 52 ft containers and Conex boxes. Depending on the situation, our carriers have several ways to load and unload. Specifically designed for intermodal containers and conexes. For a quote, call California Transporter today and get the best price.

California Shipping Container Movers

ISO Container shippers

We ensure containers reach their intended destination safely and efficiently, playing a crucial role in the global logistics and shipping industry. With a team of dispatchers and team members, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Conex box movers in California

Moving containers with Conex container movers offers several benefits, including improved safety and security, increased efficiency and productivity, and reduced injury risks. Moving Conex containers in these movers is smooth and secure since they are explicitly designed to do so. Conex container movers help businesses streamline operations, minimize downtime, and ensure safe and timely delivery.

5 Star California Conex Box Movers exsperts

At California Transporter, we take great pride in our ability to transport intermodal and shipping containers throughout California and beyond. Our state-of-the-art mobile cranes can quickly lift fully loaded portable shipping containers, atolls, and side-lifter mobile cranes, ensuring that your shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition. With our comprehensive transportation network, you can always rely on us for dependable transportation services. Whether you need to ship locally or across the country, we are available to assist you.

What are the costs and distances of transporting a 40-foot shipping container from California to any U.S. location?

From ToMilesShipping Quote
Moving a shipping container from Stockton, California to Blaine, Washington929 Miles$3,750
Conex box move from New Desert Hot Springs, California to Staunton, Virginia2,417 Miles$2,280
Hauling Intermodal containers from Burbank, California to Crossville, Tennessee2,130 Miles$7,500
Shipping containers from Palo Alto, California to Fort Lauderdale, Florida2,995 Miles$9,500
Shipping Storage Container from Twentynine Palms, California to Julian, North Carolina2,331 Miles$8,000

* The price may vary depending on weight, loading and unloading, and the cost of diesel fuel.

Storage Container movers in California that are safe and on time

The transport of storage containers requires the expertise of professionals who provide timely updates throughout the day. A highly skilled team of rigger crew and crane operators handle the loading and unloading process, obtain shipping permits, brief the rigger crew, and coordinate all aspects of the shipping process. By relying on such professionals, clients can be assured of a smooth and efficient process.

California Shipping Container Movers

The cost of shipping containers in California is influenced by several factors, including their size, weight, and the total number of containers to be transported. It is important to note that a container loaded with goods will require more resources to transport and will weigh significantly more than an empty one. As a result, the cost of shipping a fully loaded container is likely to be much higher in the long run.


How much does it cost to move a 40ft container from California?

The average rate to ship a 40ft container to or from California varies from $5 to $12 a mile, depending on the weight, time of the year and distance to move the container.

How do you move a 40ft shipping container to or from California?

When it comes to transporting a fully loaded 40ft shipping container to or from California, a crane is the optimal solution. With the ability to withstand greater weight than a typical forklift, a crane provides the necessary support to handle the cargo. However, it is imperative to ensure that a certified professional is operating the crane when in use, as safety is of utmost importance. For individuals requiring certification, it is recommended to hire a trained and licensed operator to guarantee the safe and efficient transport of goods.

How do you move 20ft shipping containers to/from California?

There are various methods for transporting 20-foot shipping containers to and from California. One such option is to lease a Landoll trailer. Upon arrival at the destination, the trailer can be lowered and raised using a winch and hydraulic switch. Another alternative is to enlist the assistance of wreckers or cranes to facilitate loading.

What is the cheapest way to haul a Conex box in California?

There are multiple ways to transport Conex boxes, but one of the most cost-effective options is through LCL shipping. This method involves placing your goods in a container with other cargo, and they will only be charged based on the space they occupy. The California Department of Transportation estimates that the average cost of moving a container is around 3 cents per mile. However, the total duration of transportation will vary depending on factors such as the moving company, distance, location, season, and time of year.

How do you safely and best load a container to/from California?

When loading or unloading a Conex container in California, it is recommended to place the heaviest and most valuable items against the front wall. Lighter items should be positioned on top of the container and heavier ones should be placed at the front of the container. Tight packing is necessary for the safe transportation of the items.

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Are shipping container homes legal in California?

In accordance with the zoning regulations and building codes, California residents are allowed to convert shipping containers into residential homes. However, they must adhere to the regulations above and codes.

Ports we pick up containers from:

  • Eureka.
  • Long Beach.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Oakland.
  • Port Hueneme.
  • Redwood City.
  • Richmond.
  • San Diego.

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