Shipping Antique Cars In California

Shipping Antique Cars In California With California Transporter

Get Your Antique Cars Shipped Today With California Transporter. Shipping antique cars is a delicate process that requires expert handling and precise execution. At California Transporter, we specialize in providing all the services that you require for transporting your vehicles within The Golden State.




Whether you need your precious vehicle moved from Los Angeles to Anaheim, or you are shipping antique cars from California to another state, our team of dedicated specialists has got you covered. Our services include:

  • Instant & Free Rate Quotes
  • Competitive Antique Car Shipping Rates
  • Top-Notch Customer Service
  • Open-car Carrier and Enclosed-Car Carrier Options
  • Terminal Pickup & Door-To-Door Service Options
  • Cross-Country Car Transport To & From California
  • No Upfront Deposits Required!

Don’t hesitate to choose us as your antique car shipping company in California!

How To Get Your Antique Car Shipped With Us Today!

Shipping antique cars in California can be quite difficult if you have to go about it on your own. If you want to make sure you can transport your vehicle while preserving its value and condition, you need services that protect your vehicle.

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Fortunately, our team at California Transporter knows what you need to get your car shipped in perfect condition!

What Carrier Should I use for my antique car?

California antique car shipping companies need to provide delicate attention to keeping your car safe from damage. The main vessel that transports your car from one place to another is called your carrier, and there are two primary kinds of carriers:

  • Open-car carrier
  • Enclosed-car carrier

Open-car carriers are usually the most popular method for transporting standard cars. It is the least expensive option and provides a convenient way of transporting multiple vehicles. Open-car transport is often the fastest way to transport vehicles since they are widely available.

Enclosed-car carriers are more expensive, but they provide substantial protection against wind, rain, snow, dirt and other environmental irritants. They provide a higher level of insurance for vehicles and are the top method for transporting a classic, luxury, exotic and antique cars.

Even though enclosed carriers offer more protection, there are situations where you would want to consider open-car carriers. If your antique car is only traveling a small distance, open-car carriers may be a wise decision for inexpensive shipping. However, for long-distance trips, your car is likely to travel across several different environments. As such, enclosed-car carriers would be a superior option to preserve your antique’s condition.

Getting Your Antique Shipped: The Step-By-Step Process

Working with California Transporter ensures that you are trusting your vehicle to the top antique car shipping company in California. We make it easy for you to get your car shipped to the location of your choice in an efficient and secure manner. By following our simple step-by-step process, your car will be up and ready to travel to your destination of choice.

  1. Get Your Free Shipping Quote – The first thing you need to do is obtain a quote for the service you want. By using our online form, you’ll have access to multiple quotes that offer economic, standard or expedited shipping options. If you would rather schedule an in-person appointment by phone, simply dial 1-213-344-4669 to get in touch with our team.
  2. Selecting Your Vehicle Carrier – Most California antique car shipping companies recommend enclosed carriers for precious antique vehicles. If the distance is shorter than 100 miles, open-car carriers might be a viable option that is considerably less expensive.
  3. Car Pickup Process – Our licensed and bonded drivers will meet you at your chosen pick-up site. You can choose door-to-door pickup, where we will meet you right at your doorstep, or you can save money by scheduling a pickup at a terminal-dropoff location. Once your vehicle goes out, you’ll be able to track your car’s location by phone and through our website.
  4. Car Delivery – Once your antique car reaches the delivery site, it will receive a final examination from you and the delivery driver. Just sign the bill of lading, and your car will be ready to go!

How much does it cost to ship an antique car in California?

Shipping antique cars in California is billed by the mile, making distance the biggest factor that determines the cost. If you are traveling between 1 – 500 miles, the cost per mile can be $1 – $2.92. The price per mile decreases as the distance increases, where trips between 501 – 1000 miles can cost a little as $.75 per mile.

How much does shipping an antique car from California to Florida cost?

Shipping a car from California to Florida can cost as low as $1000. However, from our experience as the top antique car shipping company in California, our recommendation is to utilize enclosed-car transport for a trip like this. As a cross-country route, your car is likely to travel through diverse environments and weather conditions. Even though this can increase the trip cost to $1500, California antique car shipping companies should always recommend enclosed service for long transporting trips.

At what age is a car considered antique?

Once a car reaches the age of 45, it is considered an antique vehicle. This should not be confused with the age of a classic car, which is 25 years.

How do I ship an antique vehicle from California to Texas?

All car shipping processes should start with a free quote. If you need your car shipped quickly, you’ll want to reserve expedited services for this 1,400-mile transport. The carrier you choose is very important for a trip of this length. Since the travel route is quite long, our suggestion is enclosed-car transport for maximum protection.

How do you ship an antique that doesn’t run?

Cars that don’t run often require a tow truck or a forklift in order to get transported. If your car has no keys, wheels must point straight and the transmission in the neutral position before it is picked up. Forklifts or roll-back tow trucks are required if the car is unable to roll.

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