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California Cheap Car Shipping Company is California Transporter, get the best car shipping quote in California and Nationwide. You may have purchased your car from craigslist or a dealer, in or out of California, and you’re wondering how you will ship it from one place to another.

Various ways can be used in your country’s shipment, but the cheapest option will depend on some factors and locations where you’re shipping it. There are several things that you will get to look at for you to achieve the cheap transportation of your car in California.

Ask yourself the following question;

  • When will you need your car?
  • There are several elements during transportation; will you mind your car getting exposed to them?
  • Do you prefer getting multiple quotes or a specific quote from the chosen car shipping company?

A client’s biggest concern is always the budget to answer all these types of questions.
Having your ship using the open carrier option is the standard, most comfortable, and cheapest way you can get from the car Transport California.

Is enclosed car transport or open car transport the cheapest way to ship a car?

The most common way to ship your vehicle, as mentioned earlier, is through the open shipping method in California.

Additionally, the distance of shipment and the carrier type and the two most essential things that determine California Auto Shipping. Always the size of the car, truck, or boat you’re looking to ship will determine the price.

Most cars and trucks can fit on an open carrier but if it’s over 7 feet tall then we will have to put it on a step-deck or lowboy.
Here is some information that will help a client know what kind of choice will be suitable for shipping a car to California.

California Cheapest Car shipping

  1. Open Car transport

    California Cheap Car Shipping Company
    The cheapest way to ship a car. Accessible transportation or your car means that it will enjoy the natural cool breeze on the open road with other vehicles. Various types of open carriers are available on the list; hence, your automotive shipment will get dome more quickly, and the option is also affordable.
    Many previous clients have used this method, and it’s common among many of the California Car Shipping companies. This service is faster because there are more open carriers than enclosed but if it’s wintertime or bad weather you may need to have it washed at the end of your trip. Also, if you have a convertible make sure they put it on the top of the rig so there is no oil or leakage from the other units coming down on your car. This will be the cheapest car shipping service in or out of California and because all of our drivers are %100 with the D.O.T, you will be in good hands the whole time. We ship many cars for dealerships and they have no problem with us shipping them on an open carrier.

  2. Enclosed Car transport

    California Cheap Car Shipping Company
    The enclosed transport option gets considered to offer the highest level of protection, but it’s a more expensive option to ship a car to California.
    A client’s car gets protected against adverse weather conditions and debris found on the road.
    The costs can range up to 40% or more than the open carrier transport option. Let’s say an Alfa Romeo or the classic Camaro is getting shipped.

  3. The drivers are used to handling classic and very high-end cars. This enclosed service also included a higher coverage of insurance because some of these classic cars are over a hundred thousand. Also, keep in mind that flying deprive can affect the cars and cause damage, the majority of our trucks are located in California so if you need a fast and reasonable price to get your car shipped on an enclosed carrier then give us a call.
  4. If you are looking for an enclosed service the best method to do so is by use of the enclosed shipment method, but an everyday ride can use the relative open option security.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

California Cheap Car shipping is our second name, you will always get the best car shipping quote if you need to ship a car from California to another state and from any state to California. Clients in California shipping a car from another state or country; need to know that there are different costs applied to the shipment process.
One can practice the following methods to regulate their costs when a car needs to be shipped.

California Cheap Car Transport

  • The type of shipping carrier; enclosed or open
  • Get the best rates from multiple quotes.
  • Rather than door-to-door, ship to a major terminal or city.
  • Use a shipping marketplace and be your broker.

Companies involved in the shipment of a car have different rates that range mostly from $2.92 per mile when moving a vehicle less than 200 miles to $0.78 per mile to a destination that is over 1000 miles.

Research is needed because of the different ranges per different companies. Clients should ensure that they get the right shipment data from previous reviews to help them get a ballpark of the estimate of shipping costs.
We are the California Cheapest Car Transport Company where you will save time & money!

Factors that an affect Auto Transport Quote

Quotes made from a company during California shipping of a car are accounted for by several factors. Here is a list that the client needs to get familiar with before letting a company ship their vehicle.

  1. Car make, model, and year: heavier and larger cars, SUVs and trucks cost more than the lighter and smaller sedans.
  2. Distance: shipping prices get to be considered by the range of destination as the most significant variable. A client will pay more for longer trips according to cost per mile and lower for areas near
  3. Location: shipment to major cities is usually affordable because it’s easier to find the trucks, and the freeways are easily accessible. Meet with the auto transporter if you want to order shipment in a small town and get the car shipped to a central terminal
  4. Transport type: as mentioned earlier, the open carrier is the most common type of shipment of cars across the country and to California. One can use the enclosed method only if the vehicle is exotic or rare, and you will have to pay more cash.
  5. Door-to-door vs. terminal shipping: a client pays more when the shipment gets done from a popular destination to another which reduces the cost of transportation when both parties meet at a predetermined location.
  6. Seasonality: rates rise during the fall and summer when clients want to ship their car because many people purchase vehicles at this time and get to be cheaper during the winter
  7. Vehicle condition: if the car doesn’t steer, roll or brake, then there’s an added cost of premium pay, but it’s better rather than the vehicle, which ultimately doesn’t operate at all.
  8. Expedited shipping: when a client needs their car shipped very soon than the date that got quoted, there will be more fee for the speedy shipping
  9. Time frame: clients should avoid booking the car a day before they want it to get shipped. The recommended date is between 7-30 days in advance for them to find the best rates.

Can personal items be stored in the car during its transport?

During car shipping, there is no storage of extra personal items that you need to add to the shipment.
The articles can’t be insured, and typically they will be at risk of damage or theft, but there’s no replacement.

The transportation company can get fined by the Federal Motor Carrier authorities if they get to find items of personal belonging in a car that is getting shipped.

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California Transporter is Car Shipping fully insured Company with more than 30 years in the Car Transportation Service, International Car Shipping Service and any Vehicle Shipping in general.

We are a California Auto Transport Company with the best truck drivers and customer service. Specialists in California Car Shipping and hauling services.




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