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Looking for a California Classic Car Transport Company?

We are a 5 Star Certified California Classic Car Transport Company. The best California classic car transport services are provided by California Transporter. With you in mind, we customize our shipping process. If you need to transport your classic car locally or ship it globally, we will help you at a reasonable price.

When you need to do Classic car shipping in California, our seasoned logistics team will find the right driver and trailer. We provide port-to-port shipping and can handle all of the paperwork if you need to ship a classic car overseas. California Transporter is a seasoned car transporter with over a decade of experience. We’re here to give you the best California classic car transport services from pickup to delivery.

Classic car shipping in California

Classic car shipping in California is a specialty of California Transporter. We will help you with any car transportation needs or questions you might have. We can also move classic cars internationally.

We are certified to ship classic cars and can assure you that they will arrive on time, undamaged, and in perfect shape, just as you left them. We take pride in being able to make the task of transporting a classic car a top priority as a classic car carrier business, and we are sure that you will be extremely pleased with our services. We understand the worth of your classic car and we can meet all your transportation needs. We are experts in International classic car transport.

Our California Classic Car Transport Services

California Transporter is in charge of all classic cars shipment and distribution information. We’ll arrive with everything you need for transportation at the pickup spot, area, and zip code you specify. We will secure your car by shrink-wrapping it and obtaining cranes for loading. California Transporters offers the best pilot car escorts for secure delivery of your precious car.

When you decide to get a car transport service with California Transporters, which is one of the best California Classic car shipping companies, you’ll get bundled service, which includes a trailer if needed.

Your car will be picked up, transported, and delivered by dedicated logistics experts, who will also handle the weigh station and customs forms if necessary. California Transporter is registered, bonded, and insured to transport cars in the United States and internationally.

Why is classic car transportation more expensive?

International classic car transportIf you want enclosed delivery, the cost of shipping a classic car is the same as normal shipping.
Many people prefer the enclosed auto transport carrier to the open carrier because buying a classic car is such a significant investment. If you want to save money and use public transportation, we will still do our best to make sure your car is safe. Many people would also choose enclosed transportation because the vehicle is protected on all sides. Unless your car is in the process of being restored, you can still use sealed carriers.

Since a classic car needs a delicate shipping service with an enclosed carrier, antique car transport, like exotic car transport, is more expensive than standard car shipping. This means taking extra precautions to prevent damage from hurricanes, debris, sunlight, and other factors. In comparison to an open carrier, an enclosed carrier is more expensive, but it provides safety on all sides of the vehicle.

As a result, this will cost more, but the vehicle will be much better insulated from different elements.

Choosing a Classic Car Hauling Company

Choose a classic car transporter that has the required equipment to transport your prized possession. If you don’t do your homework and choose a company that does not have experience in shipping classic cars, you will end up damaging your car. A shipping trailer with safety on all sides should be used to transport a classic car. If you have a fixer-upper and want to save money, the open carrier is the way to go.

Finding a dependable and trustworthy classic car transporting business can be a difficult task. California Transporter is well suited to transport any classic vehicle, thanks to our years of experience. We are one of the best classic car shipping companies in California. If inclement weather is a problem for your transportation, we can provide enclosed carriers for any classic or luxury vehicle. California Transporter Auto will assist you with shipping your classic vehicle.

Contact Us Today

Communication is the key to success. If you have any questions about car transportation, we will assign you a transport agent who will answer them. Do you want to receive status updates on a regular basis? This service is also included in our Antique car transport in California. We will provide you with updates.

Once the transport has been completed successfully, we will contact you. Your representative is dependable, trustworthy, and conscientious. Give us a call if you’re looking for Antique car transport in California.

Looking for California Classic car shipping companies? Get the Logistics

California Transporters will be delighted to assist with logistics for shipping a classic car from California to Hawaii or anywhere else in the United States and Canada. Load quoting, planning, equipment requirements, and driver selection are all handled by our core group of professionals. We also have a fully functional customer support warehouse. We will offer you an estimate of the Shipping of a classic car from California to Hawaii. Our car transport costs are the most pocket friendly.

What is the best way to transport a classic car?

An enclosed car carrier or trailer is the best choice for transporting classic cars because it provides the most protection from the elements. Your classic car will be protected from road hazards when it is transported in a closed vehicle.

How much does it cost to transport a classic car?

The cost of shipping a classic car is determined by a few simple factors, the most important of which is the distance traveled. Since classic cars are delivered on an enclosed carrier, their prices are marginally higher than those of open-air vehicles. On a per-mile basis, the longer the distribution distance, the lower the cost. Shipping a classic car costs anywhere from $1 to $3 per mile, with the average hovering about $2 per mile.

Can I ship a classic car to another country?

Yes, a classic car can be shipped internationally. The foreign car shipping company you want will take care of everything from start to finish.

The measures to ship your car overseas are as follows:

  • Do some research on car transport companies
  • Get Quotes and Compare Them
  • Choose the Shipping Method You Prefer
  • Choose a shipper and then send your documents.
  • Conduct a vehicle inspection and prepare a report on the condition of the vehicle.
  • Make payment

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