Shipping Quartz Slabs in California

Shipping Quartz Slabs in California

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Installing quartz slabs is a bit less cumbersome than its transit, although quartz is not porous; it is still very vulnerable to a lot of damages.
Almost all quartz selling businesses in California offer installation services alongside construction equipment transportation.

With the right tools and proper preparations, transporting quartz slabs, California has become so easy.

Quartz slabs sturdiness and beautiful appearance can get disrupted very quickly while on poor transit. When you want to avoid the slab from damaging, it is essential to adapt to a proper procedure.

Although the quartz-slabs’ transportation can still get conducted yourself, it is still necessary that you have a professional shipping team do it for you excellently.

Quartz is one of the well-known natural stones found beneath the earth’s surface.
It is from various rocks, and it is naturally resistant to wearing off. Quartz is also very commonly used to form concrete slabs used on the structuring of today’s buildings. The quartz slabs consist of a flat, horizontal surface made from cast concrete.

Quartz slabs are quite massive; you can have them transported in and out of California using frame support secured on the truck’s floor firmly. The quartz slabs need to get tightly strapped to support the frames.

The pieces need to be transported with a lot of care since their transportation is hazardous. With reduced shipping, you may damage the slabs before it reaches its destination in or outside California.

Shipping Quartz Slabs in California

Although numerous transportation agencies can be useful for you in transporting quartz slabs in California, you can still do the pieces yourself. However, you will need to adhere to a proper step by step procedure, so that the slab gets to its installation point perfectly with no damages.

Steps to follow during shipment of Quartz Slabs in California:

Below are the steps to follow on how to transport quartz slabs in California carefully:

How to transport quartz slabs in California

  • The first thing to do to transport quartz slabs is to identify some techniques you will use to support the quartz slab you want to carry in the truck. Some of the quartz slabs already have wooden supports attached to them after purchase. The wooden stands are handy in slab transportation. If the sellers don’t offer this, you may choose first to create your own sought of support. You can use two by 4s, which you will connect around several positions to make a frame-like structure. The framework created should ideally align with the size of the Quartz slab. Using ratcheting tie-down straps, attach the quartz slab to the two by 4s frame you created
  • Once a form of support is achieved, it is now time to place the slab on to the truck. Since quartz slabs are weighty, have a professional team to offer you support to lift it carefully off the ground and load it on to the car correctly. Once vertically at the bed of the vehicle, since the slab’s size is equal to the frame, you will have no problem as you align it onto the frame support. Any movement of the pieces should get done while the thinnest part of the slabs is facing downwards. Ensure that the quartz slab is placed and spread evenly to avoid the truck from overloading and unbalancing, especially on one side. At times more massive pieces will require a crane to be lifted and loaded well on transportation means.
  • Thirdly, on California, how to transport quartz slab make sure after you strap the Quartz slab to the A-frame support using straps with wenches, also, strap the piece on to the trucks hook slots usually at the ends of the truck bed. The slab will be able to stand firmly without any form of unbalance, strapping to the truck bed’s hooks to ensure adequate support for the piece as the truck is moving. Before closing the vehicle, do another thorough check-up and ensure that the slab gets securely strapped. It very dangerous if the straps loosen up while on movement to the installation point in California. It may cause a lot of losses and damages the item, even before it arrives at its intended installation point.
  • During the Quartz slab’s transportation to the installation destination, at times, most of the damages occur. Several reckless drivers forget to mind the type of item that they are transporting. To ensure that the slab arrives safely at its intended destination, make sure that it carefully drives it since the piece is prone to another of damages. Once you approach corners and turns, it is essential to maintain the balance of the truck. While behind other vehicles, allow them to be a bit of a distance from your car. If you approach bumps, slowly drive over them so that you may not damage the slab due to rough driving. Drive slowly and carefully once in a free high way. Sudden turns may cause the vehicle to unbalance the massive quartz slab and cause the truck to fall over.
  • Once at your installation destination point, with your team, carefully untie the straps from the trucks bed end S hooks. Remember to cautiously unstrap the slab off the support frame while the thinnest part faces the bed floor. Make sure that there is adequate support on the side where the Quartz slabs might lean most on. So that the piece might not get damaged, balance the offloading procedure of the Quartz slab from the truck, make sure that the part does not fall off to the ground and get damaged. It is also important that you mind the position to place the slab as you offload it to the truck. Make sure that the piece faces vertically and should be supported at both ends when carrying it.

Transporting quartz slabs California


The shipment of quartz needs total attention because the product is a perfect countertop stone.

The particular truck used must bear at least 1.5 tons of the products, and when loading it, a rubber strip gets used to make the edges to avoid any damage of the quart and is bound to fix fastness to prevent unnecessary loss.

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