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Quality 5th Wheel Transportation Services in California 

5th Wheel Transportation Services near me? We can transport your RV, travel trailer or camper to any location in the United States as well as across the ocean. Our Fifth Wheel transportation California service is reliable, and we have experience of moving large vehicles for our customers.




5th Wheel Transportation Services near me

Are you looking for 5th Wheel Transportation Services near me? We are RV Transport experts that is why you can feel confident hiring us to move your investment because we train our drivers to hook up all types of trailer hitches including bumper pulls, fifth wheels and goosenecks.

What We Need to Know About Your Trailer

To provide you with a Fifth Wheel Transportation California quote and determine the delivery timeframe, be prepared to give us information like:

  • The type of RV or trailer that you have
  • The condition of your RV or trailer
  • Where the transport item is located
  • Where you need your trailer transported to

When we arrange to pick up your RV or travel trailer for fifth-wheel transport in California, we’ll ask you to meet with our transport driver in an area with enough room to load your trailer. We’ll also check the route to confirm that there aren’t any road issues that would stop us from transporting your trailer. Keep in mind that we’ll need you to arrange to meet our driver for delivery as well to ensure that there is enough space to unload your trailer.

Is There a Difference Between Transporting an RV, a Camper, or a Trailer?

While the terms “RV,” “trailer” and “camper” are used interchangeably, they are different. People use them for different purposes, and they come with different features and amenities.

Transporting an RV

An RV is generally a kind of motor home. They usually come with several of the same amenities that houses have such as bathrooms, refrigerators and beds. RVs are motorized or nonmotorized. When you hire us for Fifth Wheel transport service in California, our drivers will typically tow, haul or drive it to your needed destination.

For Fifth Wheel RV transport California towing, we’ll send a truck out with a hitch that matches the one that’s on your trailer to hook up and tow it. If you need it hauled, then we’ll load it onto a flatbed trailer or a wedge to move it. With this method, your RV won’t be towed.

Transporting a Camper in CA

Campers are also referred to as travel trailers. They come in different varieties including truck campers, fifth wheels, teardrops and pop-up tent trailers. As with RVs, camper towing involves sending out a driver and a pickup truck to tow your camper to your needed destination. Hauling is also an available service, and in this case, our Fifth Wheel RV transport California team will load it up onto a flatbed or wedge to move it.

Transporting a Trailer in California

A trailer is a vehicle without power that needs a powered vehicle to move it from one place to another. People use them for various things, but the main use of a trailer is to haul things. A trailer allows you to move more items in one trip, saving you time, gas and energy.

If you need a trailer transported to another location, then our company can bring out a pickup to move it for you. We can also move it on a flatbed trailer or a wedge. If you choose one of these options, then you won’t have to worry about the trailer being hooked up or towed. This can decrease wear and tear on the tires and frame.

How to Ready Your Fifth Wheel for Transport?

Fifth wheel transport California requires proper preparation. Before our driver arrives to pick up your RV, we ask that you take care of a few simple tasks to make sure that your trailer arrives safely and on time. We are your 5th Wheel Transportation Services near me!

4 Rvs being transported for huge truck using open container trailer, 5th Wheel Transportation Services in California

5th wheel transport California

  1. Check the Weight: Avoid loading your RV with too much stuff before having it transported. Check your RV’s gross trailer weight rating to make sure that you aren’t overloading it before 5th wheel transport California.
  2. Examine the Lights: Before setting up a time for our company to pick up your trailer, examine the lights. Confirm that they are functioning properly. Make sure that the brake, turn and license plate lights are working.
  3. Wheels and Axles: Check your trailer’s wheels and axles for the proper amount of lubrication. RV companies advise trailer owners to grease the bearings, seals and cups on their trailers annually or every 12,000 miles.
  4. Check the Hitch: Every trailer will have a particular hitch type. Manufacturers consider weight, height and use when they install a certain hitch. Make sure that yours has the proper one to ensure safe towing for fifth-wheel transport in California.
  5. Personal Belongings: If there are personal belongings in your trailer when you’re having them transported, make sure that they are secured properly. Close and lock cabinet doors. Also, if you have personal belongings in the trailer that are not mounted, remove them or store them in an area that you can secure.
  6. Dangerous Materials: Propane tanks, gas cans, ammunition, or substances like insect spray or fertilizer should be taken out of your RV before we arrive to transport it. We can receive a fine if we’re transporting dangerous materials during Fifth Wheel Transportation California.

Driver Inspections

Before taking possession of your fifth wheel, our driver will inspect it. He or she will take pictures and make notes confirming any damage prior to hooking up or loading your trailer for 5th wheel transport California. If you are aware of any damage or imperfections before we take your trailer, please let us know.

After delivering your trailer and unloading it from our transport vehicle, the driver will inspect your RV again. Just like the first inspection, he or she will take photographs or notes explaining any problems with it that were not noted during the initial inspection.

Fifth-Wheel Transport California

Our Fifth-wheel Transport California service is a convenient way to move your trailer if you’re relocating from one city to another. Transport service is affordable, and it’s an easy thing to budget since we offer free quotes. Get a 10% to 20% discount when you call an agent right now at 1-800-677-1196

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