California Transporter Trailers Hauling Company

When you need a trailer to move anything, California Transporter is the company to call in the Golden State for California Trailers hauling.

We specialize in moving small things to the big stuff. Our California Trailer transport service has moved everything from a Smart Car to heavy-duty earth-moving equipment. We are the top company for moving a Shipping container trailer in California. We can even move horses!

California Transporter Trailers Hauling Company

How do travel trailers get shipped in California?

The top ways to move a Shipping container trailer in California are by train or semi. A train can haul hundreds of loaded or empty trailers from place to place. A semi with a special flatbed trailer can pull one large trailer or several small ones, loaded or empty.

If you need a shipping container or a dozen or more, we can get them to you.

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What is trailer in shipping?

Trailers in shipping are two different things.

A trailer can be anything from a small flatbed trailer with one axle. These are typically used to haul something small like a lawnmower, golf cart or something else. This kind of trailer can be pulled by a small car.

On the other end of this scale are the massive trailers used to haul giant equipment and the big enclosed trailers pulled behind a semi-truck. In either case, a big vehicle or something with plenty of pulling power is needed to move these trailers. Of course, trains pull big trailers as well.

Trailers can be enclosed or open. For instance, hFor orses are shipped in enclosed trailers. Cars can be shipped in an enclosed trailer or an open trailer. Two-level open trailers are used to haul many cars at once, usually from a port or manufacturing plant to a car dealer.

Some people also call shipping containers a trailer. That is not exactly correct since a trailer is supposed to have at least one axle and wheels. Shipping containers have neither. A shipping container is placed on a special flatbed trailer and then pulled by a semi.

California Transporter is the company to call when you need California Hauling trailers either for one move or repeated moves.

How much does it cost to ship a trailer from California to Florida?

The cost for California Trailers hauling to Florida or any other state depends on various factors. The top four are:

  • Weight
  • Distance
  • Size
  • Number of trailers

If you are shipping trailers with cargo in or on them, this affects the weight. Depending on what the load is, additional permits may be needed.

Moving a wide load requires permits for each state along the route. California Transporter knows the laws and the rules because we file for these permits regularly. We are the California Trailers hauling specialists.

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How much does it cost to ship a trailer across the country?

We cannot give you a set answer to this question because we need more information.

  1. Where is the trailer going? We need to know Point A and Point B.
  2. How many trailers need to be moved?
  3. Will the trailers have cargo, or are they empty?
  4. When do you need the trailers delivered?
  5. Do you have any special requirements or needs?

No matter your California Hauling trailers requirements, we can handle the shipping. Just contact us. We will get the needed information from you and give you a quote as fast as possible.

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We ship trailers in California from one end of the state to another. We move all kinds and sizes of trailers. We can even load your trailer for the move. We are the best California Trailer transport service.

We move cars for dealerships. We move big equipment for construction companies.

If you need something big moved, we have the California Hauling trailers to get it done. You tell us where it is, where it needs to go and when it needs to be there. We will give you the cost and take care of the rest.

We even pick up your Shipping container trailer in California and take it where it needs to go.

When they need to move, many people find getting a shipping container and loading it is more effective than hiring a moving company. If you need to move, we can help you get the container. You load it. When you are ready, call us and we will take it to your new home or move it to a storage location of your choice.


Need something shipped to another country? We do that too. We know how to handle customs and the necessary paperwork to get your shipment across an international border.

Please understand if you are shipping something to another country, it may take us a few days to get your bid together. We have to check the current regulations to see what fees may be imposed. We need to know where the item is located, where it is going, weight and size and what it is. Port fees vary based on all these items.

Also, the current COVID pandemic has delayed shipments crossing borders. When we prepare your bid, we will give you the best estimate of when it will arrive at the destination port. We can be your advocate to get it through the port and on its way.


California Transporter offers the best Trailer shipping in California. We offer outstanding rates, insurance guarantees and prompt service.

California Trailers hauling

If it is big and it needs to moved, contact California Transporter. You can fill out a request for a bid online or call 213-344-4669.

  • Types of Homes We Move
  • Single-Wide Mobile Homes
  • Double-Wide Mobile Homes
  • Triple-Wide Mobile Homes
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Tiny Homes

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